What does auto insurance cover?

Car insurance is essentially a policy purchased by the car owner to mitigate costs incurred due to an accident that damages the vehicle or to protect against car theft. Car owners pay premiums towards a policy with an insurance company. At the time of an accident, the company reimburses the cost of the damages incurred.

*A comprehensive car insurance policy covers for third-party liability, property damages, and medical expenses. It is compulsory for vehicle owners to have at least third-party liability insurance; however, some prefer to purchase additional insurance to ensure further protection.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?
This is a very good question. Why bother with the chicken when you are a Vegan, right? Primarily, the following five reasons should answer your query:

It's the Law
Under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act of India, all vehicles that operate in public places must have a car insurance policy as a mandatory document. At the very least, the policy must cover ‘third-party liability', that is, a cover in scenarios where your vehicle was the cause of an accident that resulted in injury, loss of property and/or death of a third party.

This Week's Pick
Dude!! Where’s my car? Use the GPS Tracking System

Have you ever forgotten where you have parked your car, or just can’t find it in the mall parking lot? Then you should seriously consider installing a GPS tracking system. A GPS tracking system is not a navigation tool, it just helps you track your car anywhere on the globe, and in addition, it helps you check the speed and performance of your car. Not only can you find your car with ease, if your car does get stolen, the GPS tracker will help you nab the thief. Given your kid your car? You can wipe the smile of his/her face by tracking your car all the way - even across the globe.

Pay Little Today, Save Big Tomorrow
According to recent estimates, every 6th car crash in the world happens in India. This is staggering odds and a likely indication that your car could very well end up on the side of the road one of these days, after a brutal crash that could have resulted in injury, death and of course, massive losses in terms of repairs and replacements for your car. At that instance, the compensation and charges could run into several thousand or lakhs of rupees that may not be immediately available. However, with Car Insurance, there is complete peace of mind - paying a nominal premium today, to be tension-free when an unforeseen accident happens at a later date.

Saving Time When Accidents Happen
Accidents are stressful on their own without having to deal with the question of ‘What next?' With your car insurance, comes your insurer's expertise in handling these tense situations. Walking you through the claims process, helping you find a good garage and settling your claim on time - things that you will be thankful for when dealing with the aftermath of an unfortunate road accident.

A Supplement for your Health Insurance
Most Car Insurance policies offer coverage for injuries that might be sustained by you and your fellow passengers as a result of your vehicle's accident. If not, personal injury protection can be purchased as an add-on feature. This acts as a powerful supplement to your health insurance - additionally covering for items that might not be covered by your health policy, including specialist care for accident-related injuries, dental repairs, funeral costs etc.

Sustained Peace of Mind
Just imagine, cruising on an open highway or wriggling through rush hour traffic without overtly worrying about the consequences (mostly financial) of a freak accident or an ‘innocent' brush-up with an adjoining vehicle. Not having to pay for the mistakes of others. That's mental peace - in it's purest form!

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